What great benefits await you with SICCRO active service?


  1. We take care of the service appointments - without the hassle of reordering!
  2. We come with modern, as good as new service vehicles - without leaving oil stains in the driveway!
  3. Furthermore, we offer BEST-trained 2-man service teams for quick and professional service!
  4. We guarantee 100% adherence to schedules and +|- 2 minutes punctuality guarantee!
  5. With our FLEX plus-ABO we offer monthly, low and tax-advantaged - for companies - contributions!
  6. The SICCRO repair guarantee creates more security for unexpected repairs on all fitting parts - only 97 euros per claim, no matter how high the repair.
  7. The SICCRO 24-hour emergency repair service guarantees repairs for windows & doors within 24 hours!
  8. SICCRO offers a 100% FIX PRICE GUARANTEE for service orders!
  9. SICCRO guarantees security for SERVICE-ABO's- 100% money-back guarantee for defective service!


It is not necessary to "literally" heat money out of the window unnecessarily!
You can save 5, 10 or up to 30% on heating costs with regular maintenance and care for windows and doors.
Example hotel: Imagine you have annual heating costs of 35,000 euros and with our know-how, with our knowledge, you could save, let's say, 8% on heating costs.
That would mean that you could save 2'800 Euro per year in heating costs!
2'800 Euro savings per year! In 10 years, with an average of 6% inflation, that's about 36,000 euros.
Yes, you read correctly! 36'000 Euro savings in heating costs in 10 years!
Take your own home as an example:
Just imagine that you have annual heating costs of 3,000 euros and that you could save 15% with our know-how and knowledge.
That would mean that you could save 450 euros a year on heating costs!

450 Euros that are "literally" no longer being heated out of the window. In 10 years, with an average of 6% inflation, that's about 6,290 euros.
Yes, you read correctly again! 
6,290 euros that you no longer have to earn. 
They stay in your pocket. Isn't that great?