Cleaning for windows, doors and sun protection

When the sun shines into your house and floods the rooms with its light, it clearly lifts your spirits.

But it is all the more annoying when the window panes are smeared and full of dust or stubborn dirt collects in the rebate area.


Only one thing helps:

The dirt has to be removed as quickly as possible to get a clear view again.

But window cleaning has to be learned.

Because you often put a lot of time and effort into cleaning the windows, but the ugly streaks and smears still don't disappear.

It can also be simpler!

We at Siccro are your service provider for an absolutely perfect appearance!

We effectively remove all dirt from your windows, doors and sunshades and ensure that all elements continue to shine long after cleaning!

Our experts will be happy to advise you or you can easily create your own service offer using our online configurator.

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Advantages of clean windows

Dirty windows are a burden. This is not only because looking through dusty, stained glass panes can trigger a guilty conscience, because one thinks about finally reaching for the cleaning cloth and water bucket again. But not everyone can do this work in a timely manner. If the windows remain dirty in the long term, this has a detrimental effect on you and your windows in various ways.

Clean windows make happy

If there is a lot of dirt, less light enters the room. This harms indoor plants and depresses the mood of the occupants of the house. The days seem greyer and drearier than they actually are.

Clean windows feel good

Greasy fingerprints exude poor hygiene, even if this is not always the case. Nevertheless, the dirty glass panes consciously or unconsciously create a sense of unease in us, even if they are our own prints.

Clean windows keep unwanted visitors away

Spiders and insects feel particularly comfortable at dirty windows because they are undisturbed there. However, their droppings damage the window materials, and they also trigger fears in some people.

Clean windows save money

Aggressive dirt attacks surfaces of wooden and plastic frames as well as seals. Cleaning too infrequently therefore carries the risk of significantly reducing the life of the windows. This leads to you having to replace them prematurely.

Clean windows prevent damage to themselves

Those who clean their windows too infrequently often do not even notice that they are already damaged. Minor damage that could actually be easily and cheaply repaired becomes a costly problem over time.

Clean windows make a good impression

When visitors come by, they feel just as uncomfortable with uncleaned windows as we do. So without regular cleanings, in case of doubt, even your relationships and reputation will suffer.


Common cleaning tasks are:

  • Glass cleaning (interior/exterior)
  • Stick and wing cleaning
  • Cleaning in the folding area
  • Cleaning the seals
  • Cleaning the drainage slots

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