Our task is to enable as many property users as possible to have permanently smooth-running and functioning windows & doors, as well as to reduce their heating costs by 5, 10 or up to 30% - by optimising the settings and adjustments of windows & doors and by restoring seals to what they are there for.
Functioning and well-maintained seals are a significant contribution to reducing heating costs.

Gasket replacement leads to an extension of the useful life of windows and doors and saves a lot of money on unnecessary heating costs.


As part of our services, we also offer seal replacement for windows & doors.

Windows and doors are the openings in our homes or commercial buildings through which we gain light and air.

At the same time, they also protect us from weather and burglars. In order for them to perform their function optimally, they need to be regularly maintained and serviced. 
This includes replacing the seals.

In this article you will learn why this is so important.

Replacing seals on windows and doors is a worthwhile investment.
An effective way to improve heat and cold insulation and energy efficiency, new seals can help reduce energy costs and increase comfort.

Windows and doors are the most important aspect in terms of home insulation. If they are not properly sealed, it is easier for heat or cold to escape through the space.


This means that your home or commercial property is less efficient, which means you have to use more energy to keep it warm or cold.


This can significantly increase energy consumption in the long run. 
You can counteract this problem by replacing the old window and door seals. 

New seals close gaps and cracks between the frames and the glass panes, preventing air from escaping. 

This means greater insulation for your property, saving you energy - both in terms of heating and air conditioning - and increasing comfort.


Another benefit of replacing window and door seals is that they are quiet. 
As the old seals can become porous over time, it is possible for noise from outside to enter your property. 

With newly installed sealing strips, noise insulation is improved and disturbing ambient noise is reduced.

It is easy to see why replacing sealing strips is so beneficial: they improve energy efficiency, lower energy costs and reduce disturbing noise inside the building for a more pleasant environment.


With SICCRO you can become and stay energy efficient!