As part of our service, we offer increased security for unannounced and unpleasant repairs for windows & doors with a repair insurance.

The repair insurance provides cover for unexpected repair costs and includes all hardware parts for windows and doors.

Hardware parts are sometimes exposed to high forces and can break due to material fatigue and poor maintenance.

Furthermore, the repair insurance includes a 24-hour emergency repair service. This means that repairs are guaranteed within 24 hours.

This means a gigantic added value for every property user.

For example, a hotel: A guest reports damage to a balcony door at the reception - it can no longer be closed. The fitting seems to be broken.

What to do?

Contact SICCRO active service and within 24 hours the door is repaired!

Repair insurance benefits:


  • Arrival and departure (regardless of number)
  • Car allowances
  • Working hours (no matter how much time is needed)
  • New hardware parts for windows & doors
  • Small and auxiliary materials