Service for windows, doors and sun protection

If the window no longer wants to close properly, cool air, moisture and noise come in unhindered. If it can no longer be opened, the risk of mould increases, while fresh air remains outside. Windows must therefore function properly at all times in the living area. But this is not always guaranteed.


How often should maintenance be carried out?

A certain amount of maintenance is required for all windows and doors. It is worthwhile to have the work carried out regularly and to rely on a professional service provider. They are familiar with all models and their pitfalls, and they also know a solution to many problems. A door and window service should be carried out at least once a year. Regular service protects you from expensive repairs!


Common maintenance tasks are:

  • Checking the fittings
  • Readjusting the wings
  • Checking the locking pins
  • Retightening the screw connections
  • Removing old lubricants
  • Lubricate and oil

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