The first impression counts. Well-maintained windows and doors are worth a lot in the truest sense of the word. Professional service management for windows and doors keeps it that way.


Well-maintained windows and doors are the figurehead of every property. Only well-maintained windows and doors always work and are easy to operate. The value of real estate can be maintained or even increased through well-maintained windows and doors. SICCRO offers you well thought-out service management. We develop individual maintenance concepts. Our goal: You ensure scheduled maintenance of your windows and doors. And that with apportionable budgeting.

Our Services

Check fitting parts Glass cleaning - inside and outside
Clean fitting parts Window sill cleaning
Adjusting the fitting parts Roller shutter cleaning
Fittings Oiling and degreasing Venetian blind cleaning
Check and adjust the locking pin Stick and wing cleaning
Check and adjust contact pressure of stick and wing Clean rabbets and drainage slots
Check and retighten all screw connections Clean seals and treat with care product